Virat Kohli’s 9-month Old Daughter Gets Rape Threats

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha


The News Cover: India had lost the T20 World Cup match against Pakistan. Netizens trolled Virat Kohli and questioned his captaincy. Not only this but they blamed Mohammed Shami's religion as the reason for India's loss. Captain Virat Kohli issued a furious statement saying, "Cricket and religion are two separate entities. Religion is extremely personal. People do not understand that the team practices very hard. Unfortunately, they lost this time. These attacks need to stop." Kohli said that he supports Shami 200% and their brotherhood cannot be broken by these attacks. 

Do you know how people responded to this? In response to this Kohli received many hate comments on social media. They also sent rape threats to his 9-month old daughter. The Delhi Commission for Women said it is crazy that rape threats are being sent to an innocent child. They have asked the Delhi Police to investigate the matter and give a report on it immediately. Congress MP Rahul Gandhi has tweeted saying, Dear Virat, these trolls are filled with so much pessimism because they are not loved by their families & friends. They issue such threats as they are lonely. Ignore all of it and focus on keeping the team strong to win matches.

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