Why WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Down Globally, Report Users

Monday, October 4, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha

The News Cover: a big story that has many many users, of Facebook and WhatsApp and Instagram put in an awkward situation tonight is that facebook WhatsApp and Instagram are down globally let's go across to for more on this everybody is rushing to Twitter to find out why their WhatsApp their Instagram and their Facebook accounts are not working. what's the latest when they're still not back and it's not just you know people who are just figuring out WhatsApp Instagram and Facebook are done around the world not just in India users are reporting that all three facebook owned properties are inaccessible around the world now while the first user reports of downtime showed up around 9 pm website downtime detection tool down detector suggests that the three services have been down since 8 54 pm which is it's been more than an hour it's not back yet early report suggests that the downtime could be an issue due to DNS issues.

 now meanwhile whatsapp has also issued a statement on tweet saying that it is aware that some people are experiencing issues with whatsapp at the moment and the company goes on to say that it is working to get things back to normal and will send an update on twitter as soon as possible facebook 2 has issued a similar statement instagram as issued a statement that they know that people are having trouble accessing facebook product and they are apologizing for the inconvenience cost now the global downtime isn't just affecting the three services directly there are also apps that are related to facebook like facebook login for authentication and even facebook for workplace which have been affected by this outage now as we go live the services still remain offline with no information on when all three will be available to users we have reached out to facebook and we'll know everybody's struggling to figure out how they're gonna communicate right now but there's also it's led to some lighthearted banter on social media and google india has been quick to tweet saying okay now who switched on the do not disturb sign.

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