Taliban Kills Son in Front of Father

Sunday, October 10, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha

 The News Cover: For a long time, the Panjshir, a place in Afghanistan, was not captured by the Taliban. Many people in Panjshir were supporting the government and fighting against the Taliban. However, finally, the Taliban took control of Panjshir. Panjshir Observer is a local news agency in Afghanistan. They recently put out a video through a tweet. In the video, a small boy can be seen lying dead in a pool of blood, and other children are crying around his body. The Taliban killed the boy as they believed that his father was supporting the Afghan government and fighting against the Taliban. This is why they killed the child. This is what happened. 

Another shocking news is that last week, the Taliban hung the bodies of four people. The Taliban did not give any explanation about who these people were and just said they were kidnappers. They did this in Herat, to teach a lesson that kidnapping won't be tolerated under Taliban rule. In another incident, the Taliban told barbers in the Helmand province, not to shave or trim the beards of Afghans as shaving is against Muslim laws. They said that shaving and trimming beards are American styles, which afghans shouldn't follow.

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