Mark Zuckerberg Changes Facebook’s Name to ‘Meta’

Friday, October 29, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha

 The News Cover: Facebook's social media platform is different. Under the umbrella of the parent company Facebook, there are social media platforms like Facebook with its iconic big blue-and-white letter F logo. The brand has been beloved by people for the last 17 years where people share images, videos, adverts, etc. Companies and NGOs share various posts on the platform. Platforms such as Instagram and WhatsApp also fall under Facebook's umbrella. Last night 28 October, during Facebook‘s Connect 2021 event, CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook's parent company will now be called 'Meta' and even the logo has been changed. The new logo is designed like an infinity-shaped symbol. This might have caused a lot of confusion for you. 

However, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram & WhatsApp will remain the same. Only the corporate company's name has been changed to Meta. 'Meta' is short for the word 'Metaverse'. The objective is to create a 3-D world because our future will revolve around technology. Currently, via social media, we are able to video-call. Meta's objective is to create a virtual reality space where individuals from the USA, United Kingdom & India can interact with others via 3D avatars. They can do all this in the virtual reality space. They can chat, have meetings, etc. Zuckerberg's mission is to make a digital world. Now you all know that Facebook has been renamed 'Meta'. 

Do you know the reason for this rebranding? Do you think it was a random decision? The reason for the rebranding was one particular problem. Let me tell you. Francis Haugen was an employee of Facebook who has now become a whistleblower. She made some shocking revelations! People love to share posts on Facebook. However, there are people who love to create political & religious tension. Now it is Facebook's job to apprehend such individuals and block the posts. 

Facebook continued to allow all this. Haugen revealed that the company received monetary benefits from entities that are creating political & communal tensions. This is why Facebook continues to ignore such posts. Haugen made the information public as she was against such practices. This caused the public to become wary of Facebook & people demanded an investigation. In order to divert the public's attention from this situation, they rebranded the company to 'Meta'.

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