Many Indians Celebrate Pakistan Victory Against India

Friday, October 29, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha

 The News Cover: Pakistan beat India in a T20 match on 24 October, breaking a decades-old winning streak for India. You must be aware of this shocking victory. After India lost the match, Indians were disappointed by India’s loss. Social media and news channels were flooded with this news. However, some people in India celebrated Pakistan’s victory. Let me tell you about it. Union Home Minister Amit Shah's visit to Jammu & Kashmir. This is the first time he is visiting the state since the removal of Article 370 in 2019. He was shocked to see that, despite being an Indian state the residents of the state were celebrating Pakistan's victory and raising pro-Pakistan slogans. 

The police then made many arrests with suspicions that they may be planning a terror attack. People have been booked under the stringent UAPA act. In J&K students staying in the hostel of the Government Medical College and students of the Sher-i-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences erupted in cheers and were joyfully celebrating Pakistan’s victory. The video went viral and the students were caught and booked under the UAPA. Under this law, it is very difficult to get bail and a person can be jailed for years. 

Meanwhile, in the Samba area of J&K, police arrested people raising pro-Pakistan slogans. Shockingly people were celebrating Pakistan’s victory in other states of India as well. In Agra, three students studying at an Engineering College shared WhatsApp messages in support of the Pakistan team. When they were caught, they profusely apologized and gave excuses for the message. However, they are facing a police case involving sections of the IPC and the IT Act and have since been rusticated from the college. 

A teacher at a school in Rajasthan's Udaipur shared a photo of Pakistani players and wrote "We won" on her WhatsApp status. She then apologized and said it was never her intention to hurt anyone's sentiments. The school has now sacked her while the police have filed a case against her. Many such shocking incidents have happened across India.

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