Food in Salt Bae’s London Hotel Costs ₹1,83,000!

Friday, October 1, 2021

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The News Cover: In 2017 a video of butcher chopping steak went viral. He is known for his elaborate butchering techniques and signature style of sprinkling salt. His preparations are very delicious and the style of seasoning is very unique! Many have started copying his signature method of sprinkling salt. His name is Nusret Gökçe and he is from Turkey. He has exemplary butchering skills and is known for his elaborate seasonings on various steaks. 

He then set up luxury restaurants in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, New York, Greece, Boston, and Dallas. His steakhouses attract many customers who come to eat his elaborately prepared delicacies. A few months back he announced that he is starting a steakhouse in London. One person went to eat at the London restaurant and was shocked to see the bill. He shared exorbitant bills on Twitter. 

Do you know how much was the bill? The giant tomahawk steak which is coated in gold flakes was priced at a whopping £620 i.e Rs 63,000. The golden burger came for £100 i.e Rs 10,000. Kafes was for £200 which is Rs 20,000! 4 Red Bulls were for £44 that is Rs 5,000. The image of the bill went viral and the total cost of the bill was £1,814 which is Rs 1.83 lakh. Many were stunned at the price of red bull which was £11 and coke that cost £9. People wondered whether the drinks contained gold for it to be so expensive. Another individual was shocked at the prices and said he need to fear God's wrath for such obscene prices. Some said that they could have bought car for the price of the bill.

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