Cricketer Yuvraj Singh Arrested & Released on Bail

Monday, October 18, 2021

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 The News Cover: In June 2020 Cricketers Rohit Sharma & Yuvraj Singh had both gone live on Instagram. During life, they were making fun of each other. The two cricketers were mocking Indian cricketer Yuzvendra Chahal's TikTok videos. Rajat Kalsan is an activist advocating against the discrimination of the Dalit community. Kalsan was enraged when he saw that Yuvraj used a casteist slur against Chahal. Netizens flooded the comments sections and were enraged over the inappropriate comment. After the incident, Yuvraj posted a statement on his official Twitter handle saying, "I am very sorry. 

It was never my intention to insult any community. We were just joking around with each other. If I have unintentionally hurt anybody's sentiments or feelings, I am very sorry. I love India and its people. I never intended to insult anyone. Once again I am very sorry." Kalsan in February 2021 filed a complaint against Yuvraj Singh for his casteist slurs. On 16 October, in Hansi, Haryana, the police summoned Yuvraj Singh. Singh who was staying in Chandigarh appeared before the police in Hansi. Singh was accompanied by four to five staffers and his security personnel. 

The cricketer was questioned by the police for 2-3 hours after which he was arrested but he was immediately released on bail. The case will start in the SC/ST court in Hansi where Yuvraj will have to attend the hearing. The court will decide if Yuvraj was wrong and what punishment to give him.

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