Canadian Man Punches Nurse for Vaccinating Wife

Saturday, October 2, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha


The News Cover: You all know that when the coronavirus spread healthcare workers worked hard to treat patients. Without caring for their security they selflessy treated patients. They are treated like Gods. They are the ones who are giving people vaccines so that we all can protect ourselves from the coronavirus. They have been called God by many. However a very shocking incident happened in a hospital located in Sherbrooke, Canada. 

A man was shocked that the nurse had vaccinated his wife without his consent. He went to the nurse and began to shout. He got angry, and punched her in the face and ran away. The police are now looking out for this man and will find him soon. Even though doctors did so much for us throughout the pandemic, yet people abuse and beat them up. We all must respect doctors and all healthcare workers and not treat them badly as even they are under a lot of stress.

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