Assam: Girl Made to Wrap Curtain on Legs for Exams

Saturday, October 2, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha

 The News Cover: A 19-year-old named Jubilee was appearing for an entrance exam to get admission for the Assam Agricultural University in Jorhat, Assam. Her exam centre was at the Chaudhary Institute of Management and Technology in Sonitpur district. When she reached the place for the exam, she was not stopped while entering the campus, Upon entering the classroom, the invigilator stopped her and asked her to wait. She did not know why she was made to wait when she had reached on time and had her hall ticket as well. The invigilator told her that wearing short clothes is not allowed in the centre. Jubilee said nowhere on the hall ticket does it say wearing shorts to the exam is not allowed. There was a huge argument between them. 

The invigilator asked the father to bring full pants from outside. However her father said that it would not be possible. During that time two students came from somewhere with a curtain and asked her to wrap it around her. The girl did not want to do it but relented as the exam was very important to her. She did not want to have a gap year so she gave the exam like that. Jubilee said, "This was the first time I was not allowed to give exams because of my shorts. I was very humiliated and had to travel 3 hours to reach the centre. 

I had even appeared for the NEET exam wearing shorts but no one stopped me. Not being allowed to give the exam was very humiliating." I want answers to two of my questions. Why is it not allowed to wear shorts? Is it against the law to wear shorts? I want answers to these questions." Jubilee has filed a complaint with the government. People on social media are shocked over the institute's inapropriate behaviour. The college is now investigating the matter.

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