2-Finger Test Performed on IAF Officer

Friday, October 15, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha

 The News Cover: There is an Air Force Academy in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, wherein training is conducted. It also has a medical facility. A woman officer was raped by a 29-year-old Flight Lieutenant. Let me tell you what happened. After a day's work, the woman was asleep in her room when the male officer entered her room and raped her. She kept pushing him away but since she had hurt her ankle the previous day she could not push him off and he raped her. After raping her, the man left the room. The woman was very angry and the next day she confronted him and the officer apologized. 

The woman then filed a complaint with the Air Force Officials who sent her for a medical checkup at the Air Force medical facility. The woman agreed and went to the medical facility. The woman narrated her story at the hospital. A 2-Finger test was conducted on her in which the doctor inserts two fingers inside the woman’s vagina to check if she was really raped. This was an old method used to ascertain rape. The woman was not at all comfortable with this. This test has been banned by the Supreme Court of India. There are many other tests used to ascertain whether a woman has been raped or not. The 2 finger test was banned as it violates the dignity of a woman. The woman filed a complaint with the police. 

She was asked, to either withdraw her complaint or sign a complaint letter with changes made to it. She, however, refused to do that as the letter mentioned that she wasn't raped and there was a misunderstanding. She refused to sign the letter. The officer was then arrested and sent to jail. However, a high court handed over the case to the IAF and the officer has been sent to an IAF jail. Now the Air Chief Marshal VR Chaudhari said that it is impossible that a "two-finger test" was conducted on a woman officer. The IAF and Indian Army are known to support men and oppress their women staff. Hopefully in this case a proper investigation is conducted to find the truth.

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