Zaki Anwari: Afghan Footballer Falls to Death from US Plane

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

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The News Cover: You all know that the Taliban has taken over Afghanistan which led to chaotic evacuation scenes at the Kabul airport where people were storming into packed American aircraft. People jumped onto the wings of the flight, while many hanged on to the landing wheels of the flight. Amidst all the chaos a flight took off. Within a few minutes, the flight retreated its landing gear and people hanging on to its wheels plummeted to their deaths. Heartbreaking visuals went viral on social media. 3 individuals fell to their deaths and the news was heart-wrenching. 

After the flight landed, officials were shocked to find human remains on the landing gear. You will be appalled to learn that one of the 3 individuals was a 19-year-old teenager. It was Zaki Anwari. He was an amazing footballer and part of Afghanistan’s official youth football team. The world was shocked to learn that a young boy like him died by falling off a plane. In a statement on Facebook, Afghanistan's General Directorate of Physical Education and Sports said that Zaki Anwari, 19, was an exemplary player who took part in many matches. His death is very disturbing. The association also said, ‘May he rest in peace and our condolences to his family, friends & teammates. We are very heartbroken that a talented player young like him had to endure such a traumatizing death all because he wanted to escape the Taliban. We are sad to lose an amazing player like him.

" Around 4,500 US troops are in temporary control of Kabul airport. The Taliban are blocking Afghans from entering the airport without travel documents - but even those with valid authorization have struggled. There have been many such instances. USA President Joe Biden and the Taliban had agreed to the staggered withdrawal of US troops. However Biden has said due to chaos at the Kabul airport and desperate pleas for help, the US troops will have to stay beyond 31 August to aid with the evacuation process.

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