Thane Man Mistakenly Jabbed for Rabies Instead of Covid-19

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha

The News Cover: Rajkumar Yadav, 45, recently had surgery on his back. So he went to the Primary health centre in Thane to inquire if he can get the Covid-19 vaccine. The doctor told him that he can take the Covid-19 vaccine and told him to stand in the queue. Rajkumar was unable to stand due to the operation, so one person from the hospital told him to go and take a seat in one of the rooms. He was sitting with many others. When his turn came, the nurse jabbed him in both the arms. This made him suspicious as after the 1st dose, the 2nd dose is administered after a few days. He was given 2 doses in a day. 

The nurse told him that it was the anti-rabies vaccine (ARV). Rabies is a dangerous disease and the vaccine is meant for it. When animals like cats, bats, dogs, etc bite humans, it leads to the spread of the virus. To prevent the infection, the vaccine is taken. Whenever a human gets bitten by such animals they have to take the ARV vaccine immediately. 

Yadav was shocked that he had been administered the ARV vaccine. He was enraged by the nurse's foolishness and mindless behaviour. She should have asked him which dose he wanted or looked at his case papers instead of randomly giving him the vaccine. Sandeep Malvi, Additional Municipal Commissioner of Thane said, “Rajkumar Yadav mistakenly went and sat in a queue meant for ARV. The nurse, Kirti Rayat, gave him the two shots without inquiring or checking his case paper. If she would have done this the mistake wouldn't have happened. She made a huge blunder. I would like to inform all nurses, doctors, ward boys, etc. that they must inquire what the patient has come for and check their case papers. They need to be careful. We have suspended the nurse and person who told Yadav to sit in the room. 

Yadav’s condition is stable now." TMC is not new to such goof-ups. Let me tell you. Several vaccine doses went missing from one of its vaccine centres and were found at a hair transplant clinic. In May, few celebrities were jabbed out of turn. Also in Mumbra, a woman was vaccinated thrice on the same day and a senior citizen was given the certificate without being jabbed.

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