Thane Civic Official Loses Fingers in Attack

Saturday, September 4, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha

 The News Cover: A few days ago, on Kasaravadavali road in Thane, hawkers were sitting on the road and making their sales. Kalpita Pimple the Assistant Municipal Commissioner of TMC and her team, reached the spot in their car and conducted an anti-encroachment drive She and her team reached the cart of the vegetable vendor. They asked him to remove his cart from the area. They turned his cart upside down, and all his vegetables were scattered on the road. A pimple and her team moved ahead. Amarjeet Singh Yadav who was the vegetable vendor, in a fit of fury attacked Pimple with a knife from behind. Pimple turned around and tried to protect herself by using her hands to block the knife. In the process, two of her fingers were cut off. 

Pimple had her private security guard who rushed to save her. His name was Somnath Maruti Palve and he too lost one finger. There was another police personnel present, but it happened soo fast, that they had no time to react. Vegetable vendors can be seen standing with a knife and telling the cops not to come closer. He said, "What do you want from me? I'll come to the police station. If you want I can hang myself or I can even slit my throat. I don't mind the blood. What do you want me to do? I am a poor man, can’t I just earn peacefully on this earth and live? No one can help me. Not even you, I know.” The police were able to catch Amarjeet Yadav and took him to Kasaravadavali police station. 

Yadav had no past criminal record and has been selling vegetables in Thane for many years. He told the police that he was angry that his shop had been destroyed, on Pimple's orders, He was upset with her and that is why he attacked Pimple, as he thought she was responsible. Kiran Khairnar, Senior Police Inspector of Kasarvadavali police station said, Amarjeet Yadav was wrong and has been booked for attempted murder, stopping a public servant while performing duty, and assaulting. A pimple and her bodyguard's fingers were stitched back at Jupiter Hospital in Thane. They are safe now. Sanjay Hirwade, Additional Municipal Commissioner of TMC said, that they are not afraid of such cowardly attacks on their officials. Instead, they will take stricter action against such illegal hawkers.

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