Sadhu Narendra Giri Commits Suicide Due to BlackMail

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha

The News Cover: Narendra Giri is a part of the Akhil Bharatiya Akhara Parishad (ABAP). ABAP is the largest grouping of sadhus in India. Giri is the President of the ABAP. He was also the head of the Baghambari Math in Pragyaraj, Uttar Pradesh. The Baghambari Math is filthy rich and has lots of money and land. He is highly revered by his followers for providing solutions to their problems. Politicians including PM Modi also hold him in high regard. Anand Giri was a disciple of Narendra Giri. However, Anand was in violation of a few rules. You all may know that to be a sadhu there are rules to give up your family & all worldly desires. They have to only follow a religious lifestyle. 

Anand who was a Sadhu, was still in touch with his family. Since these were against the rules of being a sanyasi, he was expelled from the matt. On being expelled, he accused Narendra Giri of land fraud and corruption. However later he apologized and begged for forgiveness as he made the accusation out of anger. Narendra forgave him. However, in shocking news on 20 September, Narendra Giri went missing. His disciples could not find him anywhere. When they went to his room, he did not open despite several knocks. The disciples broke open the door and were shocked to find that Giri had committed suicide by hanging himself from a ceiling fan in his room. 

They quickly cut the rope and got the body down but Narendra had already passed away. His suicide came as a huge shock to politicians and even PM Modi who posted condolences on social media. The police were immediately called and a 7-page suicide note was found in the room. The first thing to notice in the suicide note is that there were some changes made to it. Narendra intended to hang himself on the 13th but did not have the strength to do so. He then made up his mind on the 20th and hanged himself. The note said, "Anand Giri blackmailed me which is why I committed suicide. Anand Giri, was going to morph my photos with a woman in an intimate position and make it viral. I did not want to face this so I killed myself. 

I know very well I have done nothing wrong. However, once the image went viral my followers would judge me and I would lose my respect. I cannot live to see that, so, I am committing suicide. I know the police would unearth the truth about my innocence, and catch Anand. However, then my image would be ruined on social media and I would become a laughing stock. I did not want to face all this which is why I am taking this extreme step." People say I have stolen money & land and that I am corrupt but it's not at all true. I request my followers to make me samadhi near a tree at the park inside the mutt where I would pray.” After going through the note, the police have detained Anand Giri and he is being questioned. Arrests are very likely. Police are now wondering what exactly happened? The police have said Narendra’s body has been sent for postmortem. They suspect NG committed suicide because he was mentally harassed & blackmailed by Anand. 

They are yet to verify whether the letter was written by Narendra or Anand. They will send it for handwriting analysis. According to the police, Narendra’s disciples entered the room where he allegedly hanged himself and took down his body. These individuals left their fingerprints all over the scene. This will make things difficult for the cops. If the disciples did not touch the body and called the police instead, they could have investigated quickly. Now the cops will not be able to ascertain who the fingerprints belong to. Narendra's body is being kept in a glass casket for people to pay their respects. Many politicians, his devout followers, and CM Yogi Adityanath came to pay their respects. He will be buried and samadhi will be made for him near a tree at the park inside the mutt. Many feel it is not a case of suicide and could be murder because the Baghambari Math has a lot of money and land.

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