Man Hangs From Helicopter in Afghanistan

Thursday, September 2, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha


The News Cover: The Talib Times is a Twitter account that is allegedly the official handle of the Taliban. This account has now been deleted. The account had put a post of a man "hanging" from a US Blackhawk helicopter being flown in Kandahar. The pictures and video went viral on social media. Everyone was wondering who was flying the chopper as the Taliban had no training to fly. They also wondered who was the man hanging. 

Other people said that he was a pilot from Afghanistan and not a member of the Taliban. The pilot was trained in the USA and UAE. The news agency called Asvaka reported that the helicopter was flying over Kandahar, Afghanistan. The man hanging has been identified as a member of the Taliban. He was hanging from the chopper and trying to hang the Taliban flag on the governor's office. However, they could not succeed. People thought that the Taliban member was dead but he is actually alive.

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