Incredible Benefits of Cooking In a Clay Pot

Sunday, September 5, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha


The News Cover: Did you know that you can use clay pots to cook food. Our ancestors used such pots to cook food but now people use steel, brass, or even aluminum vessels. People have stopped using clay pots. They are extremely cheap and the food cooked in these pots is very healthy with many benefits. Let me tell you about them. 1. Food gains a lot of flavors! Eating food cooked in clay pots makes the body healthy. The is very tasty as well! They are made of very good quality. It strengthens immunity as the pots contain iron, potassium, calcium, manganese, etc. 2. Retain Nutritive Value of Food People who generally use a lot of oil in their cooking are at a risk for heart ailments. Cooking in a clay pot requires very little oil.

 It ensures the food is slowly cooked. Eating such food keeps the heart healthy as there is less oil and more flavor. 3. Food for the Heart People who generally use a lot of oil in their cooking are at a risk for heart ailments. Cooking in a clay pot uses very little oil and the food is cooked very slowly. Food that is cooked slowly has a high nutritive value. 4. Food stored in containers can go bad due to bacteria. Government research found that food cooked in a clay pot survived a 36-hour non-air-conditioned train journey on a hot day without getting spoiled. Whereas food stored in other containers needed to be eaten quickly otherwise it would get spoilt. 

Food stored in clay pots with the lids prevents any bacteria from infecting it. While other containers were more susceptible to bacterial infection. 5. Keeps water cool. Clay pots contain minerals. The water in the pot absorbs the minerals & nourishes the body upon drinking. Use clay pots or water bottles to store water and they will remain cool. 6. Clay pots come in different shapes and sizes. They are readily available in almost all parts of the country. Earthen pots are also reasonably priced, enabling you to cook rich flavourful food. Now that you have seen the video, buy clay pots, cook in them and then you will understand how the food tastes!

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