Gujarat: Boy Selling Dahi Kachori & Samosas Goes Viral

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha

The News Cover: A video of a boy selling Samosa and Dahi Kachori has gone viral on social media. Upon seeing the video, huge crowds gathered to see the sweet boy. Customers lined up to buy the samosas, kachori and took selfies & videos with him. The video had gone viral. Some started asking about the place and where the boy was from. They wanted to visit his stall. The video was widely shared. Turns out, the boy’s name is Tanmay Agarwal and he is 13-14 years old from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. His parents were having financial problems. 

His father would sell samosas and Dahi kachori for Rs 10 apiece Maninagar Railway station on his activa which they would park and they sell foodstuff to customers for only Rs 10. They were facing a money crunch. Both father and son worked hard & regularly reach the place to sell the snacks. Tanmay wanted to be an engineer but because of his financial difficulties he is working hard to save money. 

People were touched by the video and widely shared it which is why crowds lined up to buy their food to support Tanmay's dream of becoming an engineer. Huge sales were made. People recorded videos while some took selfies with him. Have a look. Tanmay's father used the activa because they did not have a money to set up a stall. People have said they will support Tanmay financially and fulfil his dreams of becoming an engineer.

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