Sonu Sood Evaded Tax Worth ₹20 crore

Sunday, September 19, 2021

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The News Cover: had released a video where the CBDT suspecting Sonu Sood of tax evasion conducted a raid after a deal between Sood & a Lucknow-based real estate firm. Earlier it was known that 6 of Sood's offices were raided. However, a total of 28 offices of his were raided. Since it would not be possible in 1 day, the raid lasted 3 days. Sonu's Sood Charity Foundation was also raided. Even the Lucknow-based real estate firm was also raided. 

They found that Sonu Sood and the real estate company got into many illegal deals to avoid paying taxes. The CBDT also said that Sood had not paid crores of rupees in taxes. Sood took huge sums of money from various entities for startups, investments, and buying properties. To avoid paying tax, he would say that the money was taken as a loan. There was a lot of unaccounted cash to evade tax. CBDT said Sonu has not paid almost 20 crores in taxes. 

Also, the Sood Charity Foundation helped people a lot during the COVID pandemic last year. They received a lot of praise for their work. The foundation had collected donations worth ₹18.94 crores since 1 April 2021. Of this, around ₹1.9 crores have been spent so far on various relief work. The whereabouts of the balance of 17 crores are not known. Sonu Sood has not responded yet. We will have to wait for updates.

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