SRK, Salman Khan, etc. Charge Crores for Weddings

Sunday, September 19, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha

 The News Cover: There are many famous actors & actresses who are dearly adored by their fans. You must have seen actors, cricketers, businessmen, politicians, and well-known tycoons like Mukesh Ambani, have lavish weddings in which high-profile celebrities are invited. You all must enjoy watching all this on TV. These celebrities attend the weddings as they are well acquainted with each other. There are many wealthy businessmen who are not as well known who invite movie stars like Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan to their weddings. How do they know each other? Do you think the celebs attend these events out of politeness only because the host is rich? However, this is not at all the case! These wealthy individuals pay celebrities to attend their events. 

Yes, they do pay them! These celebrities do not know each other but the families invite them to increase the prestige of the families. The celebrities are paid to take photos & dance at the event. You all must be shocked by this! Do you think they are paid 50,000 or a few lakhs? That's not the case. They are paid crores of rupees. Do you want to know more, wait I will tell you? Have a look at these celebrities dancing at events. Did you see that? Wasn't that stunning! You must enjoy watching these celebs at such events. 

I am sure if you had the money, you would surely love to invite celebrities to entertain guests at a family wedding. Do you think all actors charge the same price? They all have their own rates. When you invite a celebrity to a wedding function, what do they do? Well they sing, dance, take pictures and enjoy the event. Isn't that exciting! Let me tell you what their prices are. Katrina Kaif charges Rs 3 crore. Hrithik Roshan charges Rs 2.5 crore. Priyanka Chopra charges Rs 2.5 crore. Akshay Kumar charges Rs 2 crore. Ranbir Kapoor charges Rs 2 crore. Salman Khan charges Rs 2 crore. Ranveer Singh charges Rs 1 crore. While his wife Deepika Padukone also charges Rs 1 crore. Shah Rukh Khan who is known as the King of Bollywood charges Rs 3 crore. In an interview, Shah Rukh was asked why he attends weddings when he is well-to-do and has a happy family. Shah Rukh said that he is an actor and dearly loved by his fans. Whenever he is paid to attend functions by anyone, he does not feel ashamed as it is his job. 

Just like my fans show me, love, I do the same and give them happiness by attending their events. He does this for his family. In the future who knows I may not remain as wealthy as I am today. I might be in huge trouble. I am saving to prepare for such a calamity. All work is equal. I am sure you found this information very interesting. If you had the money to invite a celebrity to your family.

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