ATM in Meghalaya Hospital Where the Inventor was Born

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

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The News Cover: Earlier people had to go to the bank and stand in long queues to withdraw money. It was time-consuming. Now times have changed. We have ATMs where we can withdraw money quickly. If there is an ATM we can withdraw money anytime anywhere. Do you know who invented the ATM? It was a man named John Adrian Shepherd-Barron. He was an Indian-Scottish man born in 1925. How did he get the idea of an ATM? Barron got the idea for an ATM when he saw the machine dispensing chocolate bars That’s how he invented the ATM in 1965. 

The first ATM of the world was installed at a bank in London in 1967. An interesting fact is that Barron was born in 1925 in India's Meghalaya's Dr. H Gordon Roberts Hospital. The hospital is going to complete 100 years next year in 2022. This hospital still continues to function and would celebrate 100 years in 2022. They have decided to install an ATM in the hospital to commemorate Barron's birth and cherish his memories. 

Medical Superintendent of the hospital Dr. Roken Nongrum said, “The access to an ATM in the hospital will help patients and staffers immensely. It will save time. The ATM will be as respect to its inventor Barron who was born in this hospital in 1925.” 

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