2 Boys in Bihar Shocked to Find Over ₹900cr in Bank Account

Saturday, September 25, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha

 The News Cover: Residents of a village in Bihar's Katihar went crazy and rushed to banks to check their bank balance. There is a strange story. Let me tell you the reason. Two boys had accounts in Uttar Bihar Gramin Bank in the village. They were expecting to get some money in their bank accounts under a government scheme to buy school uniforms and pay for related expenses. Along with their parents, they went to a cyber cafe at the village to check. Class 6 student Ashish found he had received ₹ 6.2 crores. 

Another schoolboy, Guru Charan Vishwas, was shocked to see he had more than ₹ 900 crores in his account. The village head has confirmed the matter. Because of this the villagers also became excited thinking even though they might have received crores of rupees so they rushed to the banks. The Bank Manager has clarified that there was a software error which is why the bank balance was in crores. They did not really have crores of rupees. 

This was not the first time such an incident occured. A man in a village near Patna had gone to the back to check his account balance. He was shocked to see that it was Rs 5 lakh. Then the bank said it was a mistake and asked for the money back. However, the man refused and alleged the money was relief given to him by PM Modi. This is why he was arrested.

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