19 Yr Old Pakistani Terrorists Caught By Indian Army

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha

 The News Cover: Pakistani terrorists infiltrate the Indian border and attacked the Uri army base in 2016, killing 19 Indian soldiers. The terrorists were mainly from Pakistani Punjab. On 18 September the Indian Army had received a tip-off that Pakistani terrorists were planning to cross the J&K border. For 10 days the army was planning and working to stop these terrorists as the terrorists used the same route which was used by the previous terrorists to attack Uri in J&K. A total of 7 terrorists who were trying to enter were killed in the last 1 week. Yesterday 6 terrorists again tried to enter the Indian border but the Indian army started firing at them. 

4 terrorists got scared and turned back. Two of these terrorists managed to sneak into India. 1 of the terrorists was killed in the firing but one of them surrendered in front of the Indian Army. Turned out the boy was very young. He was 19 yrs old boy named Ali Baba Patra. Upon questioning, Patra's revelations shocked the Indian Army. A press conference was held in Uri, where Patra was made to talk to the reporters. The army wanted the world to know what the Pakistani terrorist had said. Patra said, "I am very poor and have many financial difficulties. My father died and I have a mother and sister. We had no money to eat. So the LeT told me to join them and they paid me Rs 20,000 to join. 

I was trained in combat fighting using military equipment. The people who trained me were Pakistan Army officials. After my training, the LeT ordered me to go to ISI which is Pakistan's intelligence agency. The ISI instructed me to enter J&K to conduct terrorist activities and deliver arms. The ISI said that the Indian government is oppressing the Kashmiri people and I had to overthrow the Indian government. They said once I returned to Pakistan after completing the mission, I would be given Rs 30,000.” The Indian army said that this proves that the Pakistan Army is training such terrorists. The army said it's clear that Pakistan lures the poor and trains them to conduct attacks.

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