India says has no plans to cut import duties after Tesla appeals to slash taxes

Saturday, August 7, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha

 News Cover: the auto market is once again in a direct hit to us-based EV maker tesla's plan for the Indian market. India said it has no plans to cut import duties on electric vehicles announcement came weeks after tesla appealed to the government to slash taxes here India, however, added it is taking steps to promote the use of electric cars by lowering domestic taxes and adding charging stations tesla CEO Elon musk earlier floated. 

the possibility of the local factory once it starts selling wholly built units, from overseas and the world's second-most populous nation tesla, is seeking to make inroads into Asia's third-largest economy while electric vehicles here accounting for less than just one percent of annual car sales they compared with about five percent in china. the spare charging infrastructure, and the expensive cost they have debted large-scale adoption of electric vehicles in India and unlike china where tesla set up its first factory outside of u.s it dominates electric car sales there those dead trends, have also turned Maruti Suzuki, into their top local carmaker and it's now going to be very not a beat, in fact, low about the uptick of electric cars.

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