Athlete Wins Gold in Olympics Because of Condoms

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha


News Cover: At the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in Japan, there have been many videos of athletes winning & losing during matches in which you can see athletes being angry, sad, disappointed, happy, etc. 27-year-old Jessica Fox from Australia, won a bronze & a gold medal in canoeing. Fox said the reason she won the medal was because of condoms. Isn’t that such a strange statement! How could she win because of a condom! Well let me tell you. Before reaching the finals, fox faced a challenge. The tip of her canoe got damaged. To fix the damage they did not have a lot of time. She used a sticky paste to fix it and then covered the portion using the condom. Doing this helped her compete and secure medals. 

She was overjoyed with her victories. Have a look at the video. Did you see the video? Fox said she won her medals because of a condom and is very happy. It is really wonderful that people come up with unique ideas to overcome their challenges. Like how Fox used a condom to fix her canoe. Now you might wonder, how did this athlete have a condom with her during the Olympics? Well the organisers of the Olympics in Tokyo handed out 60,000 condoms to all the athletes. The condoms were not given to encourage sex during the games. The organisers encouraged athletes to use the condoms in their home countries. Their aim was to promote safe sex and prevent infection, HIV, etc. This is how Fox could use the condoms and her unique idea helped her win a medal.

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