WHO COVID-19 probe to include audit of laboratories in China

Saturday, July 17, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha

The News Cover: the who has said that the second stage of the probe into covid-19's origin, will include lab audits in china. the who chief dr tedros cabrerases, and has suggested five priorities for the next phase of the probe in a closed-door meet with the member states terrorism has proposed audits, of the relevant laboratories operating in the area, where the initial cases were identified among humans he also asked investigators to study. 

the geographic areas, where science curve 2 had initially spread now the health agency is under tremendous pressure globally to conduct a fair probe into the origins of the virus teros had earlier acknowledged that the lab leak theory was dismissed prematurely meanwhile china has denied the lobby theory yet again china has now blamed frozen food as a possible cause. of the pandemic, a team led by the who had conducted the first stage of the probe into the virus origins in January the report was published in March and drew no conclusions on the lab leak theory.

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