UP Population Control Bill Explained

Sunday, July 18, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha

The News Cover: We know not how big of a role actor Ravi Kishan has had in population explosion - it's difficult to know. But come monsoon session... Ravi Kishan will propose Private Member Bill as a politician - Population Control Bill. Will 'Hum Do Hamare Do' aKa Family planning finally lead to Vikas aKa Development? Ironically, Ravi Kishan is father to four children. Sounds hard to believe, right? Be ready to be surprised more. The latest masterstroke, after 15 Lakh deposits, retrieval of black money, doubling farmer income, 2 crore jobs, vaccination record, 5 trillion economy... ...The law that will revolutionize the most populous Uttar Pradesh, for the better? But what is this UP population control bill? Does it have to do anything with the upcoming election? Is our population under control?? If not, who is responsible - anti nationals? Jumla or Masterstroke?  UP chief minister Adityanath dreams of making his state 1 trillion USD economy (The rest 4 trillion has been taken care of) Governance in UP is world-class already... Now if only the population could be controlled, foreign companies would invest here. A major step thus has to be taken - something that never has been done once in the past 70 years. Sanjay Gandhi did try widespread sterilization - though to no avail. Also, Indira Gandhi lost all her powers, as a result. Now, latest masterstroke - Uttar Pradesh Population (Control, Stabilization and Welfare) Bill 2021. 

It's voluntary or so is claimed. Basically, if one has 2 or less children, they can avail government benefits, subsidies, rebate. Meaning, Acche Din soon for smaller families? But seriously, the new bill shall provide incentives to small families - schemes already prevalent in other states. UP population bill goes one step further - strict penalty on three or more children. Like: no government job, no promotion in a government job to existing employees, can vote but cannot contest local election. Who will suffer most from the new bill if passed? Not them the one you have in mind. Because there is hypocrisy in this bill - Let me explain. Firstly... If population is such a major issue that this bill is so necessary... then MLA elections should also be included in this bill? No, because 50% MLAs have 3 or more children - 80 MLAs have 3 and one even has 8 children. So if this bill when passed, is implemented honestly, then these MLAs will be disqualified. Second... such a big masterstroke, that too to rectify Nehru's mistake, but announced in such haste? Why no consultation with public? Why talk about it now and not in the last 4 and a half years? And why this bill shall only be valid after one year of its passing in the house? Why only after election? Third... Ravi Kishan who is father to 4 children will propose the bill in the Parliament as Private Members bill. The last pvt mem bill that passed was in 1970 So ultimately it seems that the aim is to create hype on media and elsewhere - wherever possible. They might decide not to pass the bill? Why would they want that? Former Chief Election Commissioner of India S. Y. Quraishi thinks - election. He wrote for The Print: This is their latest way to scratch fault lines in the state. Makes sense? Because what else have they to fight election on if not for development... Discrimination? You know well it's an old game. But interestingly the public enjoys it - This game of blaming something or someone else for poor show. 

will argue... 'Is there no truth to population explosion... due to one community?' News channels think so, but here on we believe in facts. Stats and maths reveal that our population peaked in the 80s and has fallen ever since. Thanks to awareness, education, healthcare, family planning. This is true for the rest of the world as well. The IT cell is trying to blame large population for failures of the system. So how did we develop before 2014 - you get my point? According to National Family Health Survey in 2015-2016, total fertility rate in Uttar Pradesh was 2.7 children per woman. A little better than replacement rate of 2.1 - below which population will start declining. In the last 15 years, fertility rate has decreased from a high of 4 to 2.7 already. Experts say that come 2025, this rate will further fall to 2.1 in UP - without the need for a new bill. Next, S. Y. Quraishi writes that Muslim women's fertility rate is more in UP. Whereas in Bihar, Hindu women's fertility rate is more. Not religion... It has more to do with education, finances and access to healthcare - which if made available, will resolve the problem, if any. The most fascinating part - let's talk facts - as shown by the National Family Health Survey... ...80% women, mother to more than 2 children are Hindu. 

How sad that news channels keep on misleading the innocent public. Truth is population problem has nothing to do with religion. Before, our large population was celebrated... That it will beat China (also a largely populous country). But now, the system is blaming population for its failure? The large population is India's demographic dividend. If you compare worker GDP of India and China - there is equality. So if we give more incentives to workers we can surely give China a run for its money. But where are jobs? Where is work for the worker? Demographic dividend was India's blank cheque. Alas, too busy infighting we failed to cash it. We have already made an episode on demographic divided - so check that out. Unfortunately, we worry about population and not about unavailable jobs. It seems that the aim is only to create publicity. But at least the courts will have a word on the bill. Because Supreme Court of India considers right to reproductive freedom inalienable. It is linked to personal liberty guaranteed in Article 21. It says that government cannot interfere with women wanting to have kids.

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