Twitter Responds To IT Parliamentary Committee But On A Wrong Email

Saturday, July 17, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha


The News Cover: now you remember twitter was supposed, to appear before a parliamentary committee twitter has submitted its response to the secretariat. the parliamentary sources have indicated to us that the response was sent to the wrong email id, of the committee the response right now is not to be shared with other members. the committees' Twitter says copyright issues were corrected. the moment it realized, so yes they've submitted their response it went to the wrong email address but the formal response or from the microblogging site is has been submitted Twitter India also made a statement before the Delhi high court, by an affidavit saying that we are going to comply with all the norms we are in the process of appointing a grievance redressal officer you pointed out that this parliamentary panel is about the women's safety issue yes so what Twitter is trying to say in his defense is that the main issue is being side marked. I mean that's what the parliamentary committee should actually have been discussing but remember when the accounts of say.

the Prasada as well as all shashitharu were blocked they had said in fact, I said I'm going to ask this question of the parliamentary committee they were given days I know that they have now responded but what we are picking up by their sources is the response, has gone for the secretary and not to the parliamentary committee at the correct email id what Twitter has also said of the sources is that you know they are copyright violations and copyright norms. which have to be maintained which has to be adhered to have American concern and second upon realization upon receiving a complaint the accounts were immediately unblocked.

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