Tunnel Aquarium Opens at Bengaluru Railway Station

Saturday, July 31, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha

 News Cover: A new aquarium opened at Bengaluru's KSR Railway Station. Passengers can now enjoy this visual spectacle. This has been developed by IRSDCL and the HNI Aquatic Kingdom This is the first movable tunnel aquarium. Niyaz Ahmed Qureshi of the HNI Aquatic Kingdom said, "This is the railways' first aquatic kingdom. Nowhere else in India will you find this. It is very beautifu! Work on the project began in November 2020 and now it has been completed. Right now we have 120 varieties of fish brought from abroad." Saurabh Jain, Officer from IRSDCL said, "We saw this on YouTube and contacted the firm to see if this could be done at a railway station. They said it is possible. 

This is something people and children can enjoy while waiting for a train.” The entry fee has been set at ₹ 25. Only 25 visitors will be allowed inside the aquarium at a time. Covid regulations of wearing a mask, sanitization, and social distancing would be followed. People think railway stations are boring as there is nothing to do. But this will change their viewpoint. Ritu who was at the aquarium with her children said, it is very beautiful. "We can't travel long distances to see this kind of aquarium. Fortunately, this is near my place so we can come here." The 12-foot-long Aquatic Kingdom will also be an educational joyride for visitors. It will have a "selfie" area where a big fish will pop out of the aquarium for a photo.

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