Tokyo Games 2020 Opening ceremony commemorate victims of 1972 Munich massacre

Sunday, July 25, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha

News Cover: now everyone across the globe was glued to their televisions as the opening ceremony of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics commenced. while the spectacle took place in one of the darkest chapters in Olympic history, resurfaced a minute of silence was commemorated for the victims of the Munich Olympics tragedy our next report tells you. what happened in 1972 and how after 49 years of weight families demands were met 49 years on one of the darkest chapters in Olympic history continues to haunt us the Munich Olympic games attack 5th of September 1972 a bright summer morning in Munich stands filled with excited fans teams nervously geared up for their games, but an unexpected event unfolded in the athlete's village Palestinian gunmen had taken members of the Israeli Olympic team hostage two of the athletes were shot dead right away. as the other athletes trembled in fear at the poorly secured accommodation center german security forces rushed to the site within 24 hours. the confrontation led to an exchange of fire killing nine more athletes and one German policeman five gunmen were also killed as they tried to take the rest of the athletes out of the country this came to be known as the Munich massacre the Olympic committee at the time decided not to stop or interrupt. 

the games for the past 11 summer Olympics, after the Munich games victims families have been calling on the Olympic committee to commemorate the unfortunate loss the Olympic committee even faced criticism for rejecting. the plea at the London 2012 games the year marked the 40th anniversary of the attack organizers argued that the ceremony was not a fit atmosphere for a tribute well this year something changed nearly half a century later the committee has chosen to give in to the demands at the opening ceremony of 2020 Tokyo Olympics the 11 Israeli athletes were remembered. with the moment of silence, Israel's newly elected prime minister Naftali Bennett took to Twitter expressing his appreciation calling the moment historic he welcomed the decision the move was also welcomed by relatives. of the victims interestingly some of them were in the stands during the commemoration as they tried to hold back their tears one widow said this is the moment we have waited for bureau report.

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