Over 4,500 Ambulances Off The Road In Uttar Pradesh

Friday, July 30, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha

News Cover: now for the last four days, four thousand five hundred plus up government ambulances critical for services especially in the state's vast rural areas have gone off the road. with 20,000 plus workers on contract with a private company, to run the vehicles on strike demanding better working conditions. how is this all impacting patients reports patients being brought to government hospitals in up in cards autos and even on courts with more than 4500 ambulances off the road this strike, by the state's ambulance drivers and technicians demanding better working conditions? the protesters operate, the u.p government-owned ambulances on contract for the private company? gvk emir the protesters say they are paid a little over 12,000 rupees per month each but made to work 12 hours daily instead of the 8 hours as per the contract they also claim many of the ambulance staff have been arbitrary. 

the protesting employees say, they are operating 10 ambulances in each of the up 75 districts for emergency cases. so far both the up government and the private company, contracted to run these ambulances, have acted tough for instance in Lucknow. what they've done is that they've taken away keys of these vehicles from the protesting employees they've got these vehicles to one place and they're saying that they're going to actually recruit new people to run these ambulances.

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