India J&K govt cancels accommodation for ‘darbar move’ employees

Saturday, July 3, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha

 The News Cover: the Indian union territory of Jammu and Kashmir, the 149-year-old tradition of shifting capitals between Srinagar and Jammu by moving hundreds of official files physically has come to an end. we own correspondent Idris lowe with all the details, it's an annual affair hundreds of official files are physically moved between Srinagar and Jammu called. the darbar moves this biannual 150-year-old tradition of shifting capitals in the region. now the government has scrapped related accommodations allocated to officials they have been served a three-week notice to vacate, but the political parties as well as some locals of the Kashmir valley are unhappy with this decision. the trust deep seat created after 370 abrogations of 370 and 35a people is worried about every decision taken most of the decisions taken after the abrogation was anti-people regional political parties have asked the government to rethink its decision although notice the vacate accommodations has been issued the order concerning cancellation, of the darbar move, is yet to come. 

we have learned about the decision yesterday. and the order was issued though I am not very sure, what does it mean for any shaver move do they want to continue it or discontinued but people have been worrying and apprehensions are there there is a final order, for the varmu which is going to further bifurcate the utf german Kashmir. we had a ritual, and I could say an administrative ritual in Germany Kashmir, which was 147 years old. now it has ended with the order that no accommodations would be given to any government employee. whosoever is at its place like for example if a Kashmiri guy was working in Jammu his residence in Germany has been canceled and vice versa, this would hit mostly the administrative work of Jammu and Kashmir. because we have to wait for the digitization of the departments entirely don't you think. 

the administration load on these employees. will increase and can they cope with that don't you think they need to have more employees, in both the regions the income of shopkeepers in Jammu increases every winter and if it is stopped it, will affect the business of Jammu a lot of government has also said that with this move both the Jammu and Srinagar secretariats will work for all 12 months by doing this the government says billions of rupees will be saved the practice of darbharma was started by the maharaja of Kashmir Gulab Singh in the year 1872 and now the lieutenant governor of Jammu and Kashmir has scrapped the move saying it will save the state with lots of money and time but the locals call it an end of an era with video journalist pharaohs Idris loan for beyond well this one you.

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