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Friday, July 30, 2021

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News Cover: clearly time is running out humanity is falling behind and tackling climate change. but there's one area where there is reason to cheer especially for India we'd almost lost the royal Bengal tiger, but India has now managed to bring the big cat back from the brink of extinction. so today on international tiger day. here is a rare success story the story of how India is saving the tiger an alarming prediction was made in 1973. India had just finished conducting a census of the tigers the news was dire less than 2 000 tigers were left the royal Bengal tiger was on the verge of extinction due to widespread hunting and poaching that prediction was made almost 50 years ago now the tide has slowly begun to turn India has managed to bring the big cat back from the brink of extinction tiger population in India has grown significantly it stood at less than 2 000 in 2006. 

the last census, of the tiger population, was carried out in 2018. the numbers had shot up to almost 3 000. today India is home to 70 of the wild tigers in the world a series of significant decisions led to the dramatic turnaround it began with a complete ban on tiger hunting. the next move was to set up tiger reserves around India in 1973, when the tiger population had dropped India had just nine tiger reserves today. that number has grown to 51. they are spread out across 18 states of India these reserves allowed the tigers to make a comeback, the Indian government wants to do more on international tiger day. today prime minister Narendra Modi reiterated India's commitment to ensure safe habitats for tigers he said that India has already achieved the target of doubling the population of tigers in four years a lot more remains to be done but India is on the right track to save the big cat bureau report world is one.

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