Hotel Room Pictures of Drunk Wayne Rooney Go Viral

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

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 The News Cover: Wayne Rooney was an amazing football player. He also played for the Manchester United football team. Rooney has been married to model Coleen since 2008 and has four sons. The couple was having problems with their marriage because of his drinking problem. He had decided to quit drinking. He is also the coach of the Derby County football team. On 24th July 2021, in England's Manchester. Models Tayler Ryan, Brooke Morgan, Elise Melvin went to the Chinawhite club, for a friend's birthday party. Rooney was at the club as well. Despite having quit drinking, he was indulging in alcohol and having a great time. Rooney was seen speaking with a scantily-clad blonde woman who appeared to wear a backless top. He even hugged her and kissed her. 

He was clicked doing all this. Later, Rooney then invited the 3 girls to his VIP booth. The gang proceeded to have fun & drink. After a while, then the three girls, Rooney, and 2 other friends went to the Staycity Hotel. Rooney was passed out drunk in a chair and the girls then took selfies with him. The images posted on Snapchat - this is the sign name - went viral. 

These images shocked his fans across the world. In one photo, a bleary-eyed Rooney is waving a glass of wine in the air. He seemed to be sloshed and had passed out on the chair. The girls took selfies with him. In an image, Rooney is passed out drunk, and behind him, a girl is seen laying on the bed in her lingerie. The image went viral. One girl who was wearing a thong, flashed her bottom next to Rooney. The image went viral on Snapchat. When Rooney woke up the next morning, he quickly left the hotel and filed a complaint with the police. According to him, the pictures were taken and posted on social media without his permission. Rooney’s friends said that nothing happened at the hotel. The three girls left the hotel at 12.30pm and they confirmed they had a great time spending the night with Rooney but refused to go into detail.

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