Gujarat HC Orders Hospital to Collect Sperm of COVID Patient

Friday, July 23, 2021

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The News Cover: In Vadodara, Gujarat, on 10 May a 32-year-old man had contracted the coronavirus and was hospitalized at the Sterling Hospital. His condition was very critical. He and his wife have been married for eight months. They were based in Canada. They returned to India in March 2021, as the man’s father had a serious heart ailment. After this, he contracted the virus and has been admitted to the hospital. Since he was unable to breathe he was put on the ECMO machine, which kept him stable. The wife was devastated when the doctors said that her husband would die within 24 hours. He had contracted Pneumonia and was suffering from multiple organ failure. 

Which is why he would not live for more than 24 hours. The wife was shattered as she envisioned starting a family with her husband. She was distraught. The wife then requested the doctors to extract her husband's sperm so she can get pregnant through IVF and have a child in her husband's memory. The doctors refused as the man was unconscious and they can not extract sperm without his consent. The wife then filed a petition in the Gujarat High Court and requested an urgent hearing on 21 July. The Court directed the hospital to collect the sperm. They collected the sperm and have stored it securely. The wife can then use the sperm for the IVF process when she wishes.

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