Buffaloes Get Drunk in Gujarat, Farmers Arrested

Friday, July 9, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha


The News Cover: Gujarat is Prime Minister Modi's home state. He was its CM and then went on the become India's PM. Making, buying, selling or transporting alcohol is illegal in the state of Gujarat. Anyone caught selling alcohol will be punished by hefty fines and even prison sentences for large crimes. Recently 3 farmers from Chiloda which is in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, were brothers named Dinesh Thakor, Ambaram Thakor and Ravi Thakor were arrested for selling of hooch. However, story of their arrest is very strange. Let me tell you about it. The brothers saw that their buffaloes were acting strangely. They were jumping uncontrollably and frothing at the mouth. 

They ignored it but the next day, they witnessed the same behaviour. The brothers called a local veterinarian to inspect the animals. The doctor arrived, he inspected the water trough from which the animals would drink water. The doctor observed a strange smell and found the water to be coloured. The brothers told doctor that branches from a tree and had fallen in the trough which is why it changed its colour. The doctor prescribed medicines and left but he was very suspicious. The vet then informed the local police about the incident. The police raided the place on 5th July. 

On inspection, they found 100 bottles of hooch in the water trough. The cops were stunned by the brothers behaviour and seized the loot. The 100 bottles of alcohol were worth ₹ 32,000. The men had hidden bottles of hooch in the trough to avoid getting caught. A few of the bottle broke and contaminated the water. This is how the Buffaloes got drunk. The brothers have been arrested, while the buffaloes have recovered and are now stable.

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