Amazon Rainforest: Parts of Amazon becomes source of Carbon Dioxide

Saturday, July 17, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha

 The News Cover: the world's largest rainforest the amazon was humanity's saving grace with record-breaking co2 emissions. the rainforest was absorbing much of it at least that's, what we thought new research reveals that in the fight against global warming, and the amazon could turn from humanity's greatest natural ally into a foe, the next report has more the amazon rainforest, which is also known as lungs of the earth might be stripped off that title our planet's largest rainforest, is emitting more carbon dioxide than it absorbs research has revealed this for the first time hundreds of high altitude air samples prove this worrying trend parts of the Amazon have become a source of carbon dioxide. 

the giant forest had previously been a carbon sink, which means it was absorbing the emissions driving the climate crisis but this new revelation could turn humanity's greatest natural ally in the fight against global warming in 204 this is cause for great concern because of the Amazonia. which has around 450 billion tons of co2 locked in its trees and soil becomes a consistent source of co2 tackling the climate crisis would become next to impossible just in 2019 our co2 emissions recorded an all-time high of about 40 billion tons over the last half century. plants and soil have absorbed more than a quarter of those emissions. 

so how did the situation deteriorate, so much well decades of illegal felling deliberate fires by loggers rising temperatures drought, and an incompetent government has all led to this day the man-made crisis has pushed the rainforest into a vicious cycle the trees produce much of the region's rain so fewer trees mean more severe droughts and heat waves that means more wildfires which again will lead to the death of trees the Brazilian government has been criticized for encouraging more deforestation it has surged to a 12-year high as we speak the amazon continues to burn loggers continue to tear down trees and the international community continues to condemn president jar bolsonaro, what we don't realize is that our fight against climate change is being delayed and we are heading towards a point of no return bureau report we on the world is one.

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