Vaccination Of Foreign-Bound Students Starts In Karnataka Today

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha
The News Cover: a big relief to students going abroad to study they can now get to their vaccinations against covid that allows. them to travel the vaccine camp for students, was inaugurated this afternoon in Bengaluru, Karnataka's, deputy chief minister dr ashwith narayan a lot of relief students here today, this has been the demand of our students and the people who are employed abroad so getting them vaccinated was a main important it was the main requirement so we are the government we are trying our best to address their requirement. we have started an exclusive center for the people. who has been traveling to abroad for their education and for employment or for any other reason? whoever is having a visa. 

we are getting them vaccinated, in this setting in this center and across the state also we are getting them vaccinated along with this the mention of the passport also in this certificate is required so we are coming out within a separate certificate. so where their passport never immediately be given to them based on that format will be issuing that certificate right and the spacing also has been reduced the covid shield will be the vaccination given as. that is because they are hard-pressed they have to go back within the certain period so because of the requirement that. the because of the situation and the requirement they've been constrained we have been constrained to reduce the in less than six weeks.

they will be able to get there the space between the first dose and the second well this first recipient of the vaccination here right now. the vaccination will be given to her this is the first student traveling abroad here who will be given because of course until now people under the age of 45 were not supposed to be vaccinated unless they belong to special categories checking the visa being checked here so where are heading off to the University of Houston university great must be relieved to be able to get the vaccine it's. big relief for all of us because we were worried about the vaccine situation and our protection. so it's a big relief right so going through the paper have to show visa have to show admission and everything have visa and passport all right at this event organized by the deputy chief minister of Karnataka doctor a big relief for students with a gap also between the two cover shield doses also being reduced with dm Kumar.

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