Tech It Out: Waiting for 5G in India?

Friday, June 4, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha


The News Cover:  in India, we have been talking about 5g for a long time it's claimed that it will offer super-fast speeds. it is said to be promising it's passionately discussed by experts and officials. but where is it people have many questions and concerns about the next-gen mobile technology? and we try to get you all the answers in our next story, what do you think about it. when you hear the term 5g better internet connection and higher speeds 5g networks are expected to be at least 10 times faster than 4g. ones they could transmit data in 10 milliseconds, this means you could download an HD movie in 5 to 10 seconds. 

you can have an improved work from home experience and access to better health care services. but why is 5g still not a reality in India, the answer is because of the trials on 5g wireless networks. haven't happened yet there are multiple reasons, for the delay from administrative to technological to financial but finally things appear, to be moving along the department of telecommunications has allocated spectrum to telecom service providers for 5g trials in India operators. are now soon expected to hit the ground, and start field trials comes the next question. when is 5g coming to India the answer is only after the successful completion of trials by operators. and after the auction of 5g spectrum by the department of telecommunications, the trials will run for six months however the department of telecommunications is currently preoccupied with ensuring network stability amidst a pandemic also critical decisions on spectrum availability and pricing are awaited looks like. 

the auction of 5g spectrum, is unlikely to happen before the first quarter of 2022 don't expect access to 5g services. before the second half of the next year, there is a possibility, the commercial rollout could also be pushed to 2023 interestingly users are ready. for the technology even today according to a report by Ericsson consumer lab 67 percent of users are interested in taking up 5g. once it's available and here's a question all of us want to be answered, how much will it cost it's too early, to define a price range for the 5g service in India but experts believe, the cost of using data on 5g networks will be very much in line with what you pay for 4g customers. 

will not have to bear a higher data cost for 5g consumers however, may not have any issue with spending extra on 5g an Ericsson consumer lab study. suggests that users are willing to pay up to 50 more, for 5g plans if they are bundled with digital services. so should you buy a 5g smartphone if you live in India, here's what we think 5g is not yet available for use, so it doesn't matter if you have a phone with 5g support or not having said that there is no harm in buying a 5g enabled phone as long. as it takes all the right boxes from camera to display and performance, but doesn't compromise on key features and pick a phone just because it has 5g all in all you will have to wait for a little longer before you actually get to enjoy the super-fast speeds of 5g networks.

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