Sinkhole swallows car in shocking video from Mumbai amid heavy monsoon rains

Monday, June 14, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha


The News Cover: In a bizarre incident on 13th 2021 June morning, in Mumbai, Ghatkopar’s Ramnivas society, a car sank after a portion of the parking lot caved in. The video went viral all over social media. No injuries were reported as there was no one inside the car. Have a look at the viral video. The Hyundai Venue car belonged to Kiran Doshi, a 68-year-old doctor. After his car sank, the traffic police were the first to reach the spot. According to them, the incident occurred because the car was parked on a well that was covered with a cement slab as it wasn't being used. The spot was then used as a car park. 

Due to heavy rains and the weight of the car, the land caved in. By evening, the traffic police & the BMC, found it difficult to locate the car as the sinkhole was very deep. They had no idea how deep it was. They decided to pump the water and retrieved the car with the help of a crane. They removed the car at 9pm. The BMC said the incident has nothing to do with the civic body as it happened on a private housing society’s premises. An insurance expert said that, the amount will depend on the scale of damage.

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