No Certification: Madhya Pradesh Covid Victims' Families Lose Out On Aid

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha


The News Cover: first it was Delhi then the center, then states, like Assam, and now Madhya Pradesh has also announced monetary benefits to covid victims. who have lost their lives even children? who has been orphaned in the process? but while these announcements sound great on paper, the real question is how will it actually land up in the hands of those. who needs it the most in this next report Anurag dwarf points out, how in Madhya Pradesh death certificates are now not seeing covid deaths. and thus these are the people, who will end up not getting any compensation sixteen-year-old hanushish lost both his parents, to covid in April this year. his father a lic agent and his mother an assistant professor at a government college, in bethel, died within a few days. of each other hanushi also tested positive after he recovered he did the rounds of the Bhopal municipal corporation for a death certificate. 

but the certificate he has received does not mention, that his parents died due to covid hanushi has no proof and no means to access. the government help promised to children like him orphans. the government has promised to help orphans. like one lakh rupees, in compensation for next of kin of covid victims 5 lakh rupees. to government servants families, who died due to covid, a government job in you of the family member. who has died and for orphans, 5000 rupees per month, and free schooling in Russian according to official figures from the 1st of march 8 0019 people have died due to covid but in Bhopal alone, till the 15th of may 465 debts have been reported perhaps an indication of covid debts not being added in the total tally and ending problems because of the covid-19 pandemic from getting admitted to a hospital to medicines in mad Pradesh families. who lost their nearer and dearer ones because of the covid 19 pandemic are facing difficulties in even getting the death certificate.

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