Myanmar Junta to hear first testimony of deposed leader Aung San Suu Kyi Military Coup

Thursday, June 17, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha

 The News Cover: moving on now more than four months, after a military coup in Myanmar first testimony in the trial of ousted Myanmar leader on Satsuki will be heard in a junta court today. even while in detention Tsuki is facing multiple graft charges against her from illegally accepting 11 kilograms of gold to breaking a colonial-era secrecy law. my animal's military junta has brought a raft of charges against Myanmar's anti-corruption commission found evidence that Tsuki had committed corruption using her rank. she has been charged under anti-corruption law section 55 for the same the latest additional corruption charges accuse Yuki of illegally accepting more than half a million dollars, in cash Tsuki's defense team will cross-examine witnesses over charges of improperly importing walkie-talkies. 

the military has accused her of flouting coronavirus restrictions during last year's elections that her national league for democracy won in a landslide a separate case. in relation to sedition charges, is scheduled to start on June 15th Tsuki's lawyer king monitor has dismissed the corruption charges as absurd hearings for the case will take place every Monday and suki's lawyers expect the trial to wrap up by July 26th if convicted Tsuki could face long prison terms likely more than, a decade on the secrecy and corruption charges the country has been in turmoil since the generals ousted suki in February. 

the mass uprising has been met with a brutal military crackdown. that has killed more than 850 people slamming, the sweeping arrests of activists journalists, and opponents of the regime the un rights chief Michelle Bachelet has blamed the military leadership for being singularly responsible for the crisis at least 4804 people remain in arbitrary detention as Myanmar plunges into a human rights catastrophe.

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