Man Infected with ‘Green Fungus’ in Madhya Pradesh

Thursday, June 17, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha

 The News Cover: You are now aware about the Black, and White & Yellow Fungus that is infecting covid patients and we survivors. ISH News had created a detailed video about the infection, its prevention and medication. You all can learn about the Black Fungus by watch this video. You can watch this video to learn about the white and yellow fungus. Watch these video to clearly understand about the infections. Now there are another new type of fungus. It is very shocking! Let me tell you about it. A 34-year-old patient in Madhya Pradesh’s Indore underwent Covid treatment for around two months.

 Once he was well, he was discharged. After 10-15 days he started experiencing nosebleeds and fever. He was taken back to the hospital. Doctors suspected him to have contracted the deadly Black Fungus. However, after tests, doctors were shocked to find that he had contracted 'Green Fungus'. This is possibly the first such reported case in the country. Medication for a 'Green Fungus' is different from Black Fungus. It affects the lungs and causes a lot of problems. He has been a shifted to Mumbai by air ambulance for a treatment.

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