India Vs Twitter spat escalates, Indian I-T Minister denied accessIndia Vs Twitter spat escalates, Indian I-T Minister denied access

Sunday, June 27, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha

 The News Cover: amid an intensified public spat between Twitter and the Indian government, India's information and technology minister Ravishankar prasad say, that Twitter denied access to his account for over an hour posting grabs of his own profile before and after the Twitter account was frozen prasad said that Twitter denied access on the ground that there was a violation of the digital millennium copyright act of the u.s. now the question that arises is what is the copyright act, and how did clips of the i.t minister himself violate the American law. the u.s digital millennium copyright act of 1998 creates an exception for online service providers from manually vetting or automatically filtering out copyright infringements in turn it places the burden on copyright holders to request the removal of violations. 

the law criminalizes production and dissemination of technology devices or services intended to circumvent measures that control access to copyrighted work, so maybe the video was reported by someone or maybe it was just a power play by Twitter Ravishankar prasad has publicly condemned twitter's actions, and called out the hypocrisy of the platform in a Twitter outburst prasad said that twitter's actions. were in gross violation of India's intermediary guidelines and digital media ethics code. as twitter failed to provide any prior notice before denying access to the account he further said that it is apparent that my statements calling out the high-handedness and arbitrary actions of Twitter particularly sharing the clips of my interviews to tv channels. and its powerful impact has clearly ruffled its feathers prasad's latest run-in with Twitter comes as the app is at loggerheads with the Indian government twitter. India has failed to meet all the clauses under the new i.t rules, in India and is currently the only American firm to lose its intermediary status in India. to this the Indian minister said that no matter what any platform does they will have to abide by the new i.t rules fully. 

and there shall be no compromise on that this is not the sole cause, of copyright violation. soon after prasad's Twitter outburst senior opposition leader and head of the parliamentary committee on information technology Shashi Tharoor said that he too faced similar actions he said that although he wouldn't put the blame on Twitter like me prasad but would make sure that the parliamentary committee seeks an explanation from Twitter for blocking Ravi Shankar prasad and his own account for more on this avion's principal diplomatic correspondent Sudan Sybil has sent us this report. a new flashpoint between the Indian government, and Twitter this after the Twitter account of the Indian minister Ravishankar prasad was denied access for almost one hour or copyright violation issue twitter of course has reacted. 

saying that this was a copyright violation issue raised by a third party of course American laws, have been invoked in the entire case the screenshots formed Ravishankar prasad's Twitter account. and tells us but lastly a larger debate between the Indian laws and the American laws. we know that the entire thing has happened using the American laws at a time when Twitter is not implementing or fully implementing the Indian laws. including the new i.t rules the rules which were announced by the Indian government in February, and came into effect a few weeks ago but Twitter is still dragging its feet on implementation of these rules. so the larger debate has started the chief of India's parliamentary panel on it shashi Sharon has also reacted saying that he will raise the matter with Twitter he, of course, excited that this has happened to him as well so larger debate is going to start up between implementation of Indian laws and foreign laws where is the red line also if you look at the past situation both sides have been issuing releases talking about things. 

which are happening, of course, the Indian government really not happy with twitter there are of course reports that these companies may face much stronger action as well we know the Twitter has already lost its intermediary status that means that it is not protected from third-party content being used on its platform because of lack of implementation of the new i.t rules we do expect much more things to happen in this larger debate which started between the Indian government and Twitter siddhant Sybil for veon in new Delhi.

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