India responds to UN on new IT rules

Sunday, June 20, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha

 The News Cover: we are tracking for you, this hour in a very strongly worded response India has slammed the UN special rapporteurs. who criticized the country's new i.t rules, India has said that its democratic credentials are well recognized and that freedom of speech and expression is guaranteed under the country's constitution India's permanent mission to the united nations had said that the new rules. were designed to empower ordinary users of social media formed after broad consultations with civil society, and other stakeholders in 2018. it also said that the rules now give victims of abuse on social media. 

a forum for redressal of grievances this will be done, through India-based grievance redressal officer compliance officers, and nodal officers. which the Indian government has asked the social media giants to appoint and has remained a point of contention. now responding to the concerns of traceability of the origin of messages India has clarified that only when a message in public circulation leads to an offense or rise violence will it be traced in his permanent Movement to the united nations reiterated that the concerns of implications of new rules on freedom of expression are highly misplaced, in his response came. 

after concerns were raised by three representatives of the special procedures branch of the UN human rights council. the experts said that due diligence obligations placed on the intermediaries may lead to infringement of a wide range of human rights further adding that terms in the legislation. such as racially or ethnically objectionable harmful to child threaten, the unity of India is patently false and untrue are overly broad. and lack sufficiently clear definitions and this may lead to arbitrary application the letter by the UN experts have further added that the new i.t rules are in violation of key international human rights treaty. the concerns raised by the un experts and India's response comes amidst the ongoing tussle between social media giants like Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, and the Indian government.

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