Huge Crowd At Vaccination Centre For Foreign-Bound Students In Telangana

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha

 The News Cover: Telangana has announced a special drive to vaccinate students going abroad. the Telugu states send a maximum number of students abroad from India every year from a vaccine center in Hyderabad. we are here at a vaccination center in Hyderabad that has in fact prioritized all those students, who are going abroad. so you can see there are massive lines that have been waiting here to get vaccinated all of them, of course, traveling abroad and they have to show proof of that before they do that Telangana government has started this drive from the 5th of June onwards and in fact giving these vaccinations free of cost. dr Prabhakar, who is in fact in charge of the international vaccination center here actually more than 10000 people have registered for vaccination. but today we are giving an early more than 500 people, we are giving today our target is around 1400 target. we are going to reach today many of these students who are going abroad, of course, need to take two doses you are giving them a covid shield. 

I'm presuming the government has now said within 28 days. they can get the second vaccine presently, we are planning for 28 days. only but after getting the message from the government, we will plan for a second dose of fascination after one month gap this is the room wherein a staggered manner the students are in fact being brought in and you have set up multiple tables here there is a verification process that is first followed actually coming to hereafter verification of the certificates. we will enter into the Cowin portal one by one we have arranged the five tables for entry into the Cowin portal. after the entry into the Cowin portals fascination will be done in the three places we are going to give fascination here and there and their presenters are there for giving inauguration of passion this is the room in which in fact these vaccinations are being carried out after which the students, in fact, are asked to wait for those few minutes at least after the vaccination for observation and after which the next lot of students is being brought.

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