Hamas Launches ’Incendiary Balloons’ on Israel

Thursday, June 17, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha


The News Cover: For 11 days a dangerous war was going on between Israel and the Palestinian Militant Hamas group in Gaza. Hundreds of people were killed in these attacks. A ceasefire was announced on 21st May at 2am after Egypt intervened and brokered a deal. Since 21st May, all was well between Israel and Hamas. Just a few days back, Naftali Bennett became the new PM and replaced Benjamin Netanyahu after 12 years. 

On 16th June, Hundreds of Israeli nationalists took part in a flag march which was approved by the Bennet government. The flag march was in East Jerusalem. However, there was an altercation between Palestinians and the police. 17 Palestinians were arrested. Hamas launched incendiary balloons on South Israel. The balloons are inflated with light gas and once it reached South Israel, it exploded causing fires in 20 locations. Israel retaliated by carrying out airstrikes in south Gaza and struck military compounds belonging to the Hamas terror organization.

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