Government's 9-Point Rejoinder To Mamata Banerjee On PM Meet Claims

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha

 The News Cover: in a nine-point rejoinder, government sources tore into Mamata Banerjee's account of the Friday incident government sources have said that Mamata Banerjee has given entirely false statements and boycotted a meeting with prime minister Modi after agreeing to attend it prime minister Modi never gave permission to Mamata Banerjee to leave. the review meeting as she claims that's what the government sources have said ms Banerjee has repeatedly alleged that she waited to meet the prime minister now government sources have countered that with time details. 

and said that it was the chief minister, who made the prime minister wait it's a nine-point rebuttal to the month of energy's accusations. which she has been making for the last two three days, since this controversy has erupted the first point she has said that she was informed about. the program about prime ministers very late and she had to cut short her schedule to meet for the program to attend the preems program but the fact says that the prime minister's program was informed to both urisha and the West Bengal government simultaneously and ulisha did not complain about this in fact west Bengal is the one which has been complaining and she was asked to wait for to meet the prime minister this is the second acquisition she has made but the fact says that prime minister landed and she came after the prime minister landed to kalaikunda so which is of course says that it is against the protocol and this goes against the behavior of which is the established norm of expected form of chief minister again on the issue.

 of the chief secretary the government sources are very clear that he violated the service rules because he was supposed to make a presentation before the prime minister but he was part of the politics which was paid by West Bengal chief minister so he did not come for the presentation. that is why the government of India has taken action against him and by giving him extension or by defeating him as an adviser to the West Bengal government Mamata managers confirmed the allegation that he was part of the politics this is what the government sources are saying and one more point which i briefly want to mention that Mamata Banerjee head said that she took permission from the prime minister to go to Digha for the to visit but the fact is that pm did not give permission to Mamata energy to leave the meeting so this is very important point which has been contradicted by the government sources where Mamata Banerjee has said that she has taken permission from the prime minister to leave for a Digha visit but Sosa is saying that pm did not give her permission to leave.

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