Google loosens its search engine grip on Android devices in Europe

Saturday, June 12, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha


The News Cover: now in a major policy shift google, will allow its rivals to appear as default search engine options on android phones for free in europe. now new changes will come into effect in september this year. the move comes two years after the european union's anti-trust body handed out a 5.1 million dollars fine billion dollars fine pardon me the regulator said that the tech giant was unfairly using android to cement its search engine dominance eighty percent of the world smartphone used. 

google's android mobile operating system in 2019 our firm asked rivals to pay for appearing on a choice screen, on new android devices in europe from which users could pick their preferences rivals were then asked to participate in an auction meanwhile google could also face challenges from rivals in other regions including india according to a report india had nearly 350 million smartphone users, and a majority of them used android according to the latest data google chrome has over 84 mobile browser markets share in india it is followed by uc browser and opera both these browsers have nearly five percent market share each.

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