'Fake' Vaccine Probe After MP Mimi Chakraborty Gets Jab At Suspect Event

Friday, June 25, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha


The News Cover: a vaccine fraud in Kolkata, where a drug used for urinary tract infection has been used as a fake Covid shield injection all by one fraudster even a TMC mp, fell prey to this fraud and that's right in fact Mimi Chakravarti of the throne congress she is the one who went to take a shot as a chief guest, at this particular camp at koshwa on Tuesday. after that when she didn't get her phone SMS you know confirming that she had taken the jab she got suspicious asked questions and then raised an alarm and this man was arrested, but the can of worms that is coming out. 

 what seemed like a bizarre lark is turning into something that could be life-threatening doctors are saying this particular substitute antibacterial could actually cause renal complications of course investigations around police are looking, they are they have raided and found in this man's office, Covid shield labels, which he used to stick on stocks that they found of this particular anti-bacterial injection that has been given not at one camp at koshba on Tuesday. but in a total three camps so absolutely it's actually not yes it's actually extremely bright nobody is yes it's actually extremely frightening what's actually happened there.

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