bihar scam ambulance Costing Rs. 7 Lakh Bought At Rs. 21 Lakh, Remain Unused In Bihar

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

/ by mansuralisaha

The News Cover: Bihar and according to reports an ambulance purchase scam has surfaced in Bihar with seven ambulances. which were purchased last year during the peak of covid but so far none of them have been used for the purpose. for which they were bought reports say an ambulance costing a 7 lakh was purchased for 21.8 for lack and these are purchases. were not made on the MJ portal which is mandatory for any government purchase of over five lakh rupees Janta dal former legislator Vikram Thakur has written to the chief minister Nitish Kumar, on this issue of the ambulance purchase scam, and the district magistrate of Sivan has now ordered an inquiry so now of ambulance purchase cam they're emerging in Bihar. let's go across to Manish now for more on this Manish what are the details tell us more about this latest scam that has emerged this is the scam. 

where we had an ambulance costing seven lakh was you purchased. in I know by spending over 21 lakh and out of these seven ambulances, bought by the district administration in Chiba five of them were part of the chief Mr rural development scheme meaning, that the local MLA and mics recommended for that and it seems that there is some kind of really over expenditure in the name of modification and the equipment. which was installed and surprisingly even though these ambulances were bought last year. From September till today, after almost when the state government is claiming that the second wave is over none of the ambulances is yet to hit the road right.

 but that's the part that is so surprising given that they were purchased last year. how is it that in the peak of the second wave of covid ambulances have not been used? see that is what happens whenever like the artistic administration or the state government by ambulance and especially under chief Mr rural keep Mr developmental team where the MLA or MLC they recommend the purchase of ambulance because the district administration always says that even though an ambulance has been purchased but they don't have the driver or the technical staff to run these ambulances and that is why hundreds of ambulances you will find in any state especially lying I know parked here and there sharky.


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